The sculptor

Skilled hands make vibrate the strings of matter, mind, heart
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“With my thoughts, in my sculptures, I transfer moments of my life, the threads of my own story, translated into harmonious marble shapes which converse with the sensitivity of the beholder”
Date and place of birth:
14 / 11 / 1949 Kraya (Syria)



Classical maturity in the 1960 in Damascus (Syria). Art Academy school in Carrara (Italy), sculpture graduate in 1987.


For 16 years he worked in a studio in Damascus and developed sculptures in wood and stone. He has given private and collective exhibitions in Syria and abroad. In 1975 began to travel within Europe, where he had the opportunity to exhibit his works. 
In 1983 he settled in Carrara, Italy, where in 1991 he opened the studio “ARCO ARTE” where he now lives and runs sculpture courses – and has established a workshop and a permanent exhibition space.