Style & Method

Thoughts that become matter, openings that allow dialogue

Try and get into his sculptures, look at them every day, going on your own way and in the end you'll understand and get a message

To understand Butros Romhein's works and what he wants to suggest, one should keep in mind that everything can be questioned because in Butros' works there isn't only one side of life, but many sides of civilization. Everyone his own choice.
When one talks of Butros Romhein's sculpture, one has to keep in mind that through his works one faces his person. This is the reason why when one asks the title of his works, he answers that it is a self-portrait. 

This answer highlights his humility. Through his works, Boutros doesn't teach something, but he simply makes suggestions. He reveals his inner self. He expresses all that through shapes. Therefore one can discover stages of his present and past life in his sculptures.

The greatest part of Boutros' works are in white marble. This aspect of his works doesn't mean a movement but a strength that never leaves anybody still, after having seen one of his works. There's an emotion that springs from the inner self of anybody that admires one of his works. One can see that through expressions of faces, directly or indirectly. Another aspect to be taken into consideration is that glass is transparent; it creates openings, invitations to enter the environment, a suggestion that makes one interacts between the space and the works where they are shown. This work of interaction between glass and marble in Butros Romhein's recent sculptures leads way to chances that other works could be made directly in raw material. These are essential steps for him. These are means of dialogue, exchange of thoughts. The magic communication of his works relies in this.
Boutros is a self conscious man. He doesn't create only his art, but his life. He is receptive of everything that happens into the world, sensitive to human events, first of all those involving children. Every human being must be protected and Butros has taken this task seriously. He means to spread a message of wellbeing and protection through his works. From marble he makes angels "his angels". If one looks at them, one may remark a strength in their chests: like an amour although we talk of a weapon of love, not of offence. Their wings have a wide opening. They mean the certainty of a real protection. Finally, I should say that Boutros suggests a message to us: a call for peace, not yet fulfilled, but much hoped and sought for.